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Welcome to VIC Excavation Company. With over 15 years of excavation experience, as an Excavation Company we pride ourselves on providing our customers with nothing less than the best experience. We constantly strive to deliver two things: a fast, efficient excavator and a great excavator experience.

Vic Excavator keep it simple. We take the work ethic and loyalty and bring it to projects across Victoria in Australia where we whole heartedly have dedicated ourselves to creating paramount value and distinctive results for our customers.

VIC Excavation Company's Vision

To continue to be Victoria’s most efficient and effective excavating company working in a honorable and open-minded manner, maintaining standards that employ experienced, mindful, and safety conscious people while having the privilege of servicing the construction industry.

Vic Excavator
Vic Excavator


People are at the heart of everything we do and it’s no secret but rather evident in every orchestration VIC Excavation Company participate in that we take this seriously. VIC Excavation Company see ourselves as well functioning on three critical levels:

Within Our Inner Circle – impacting internally with excavation Company’s most valuable assets – our workers.
Within Our Primary Outer Circle  impacting externally toward the people excavation Company’s serve – our customers.
Within Our Secondary Outer CIircle – impacting evidenced by ongoing ways excavation Company’s contribute to our sub-trades and suppliers and the geographically local industry as a whole.

Vic Excavator

Our Customers

Building and most importantly maintaining clear and communicative business relationships that last well into the future is very evident in our daily rituals of serving our customers. As part of this, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in our efforts to build loyalty and build long-term partnerships with them.

Our Employees

We value our people and their very important roles and therein excavation Company attempt to create a positive atmosphere which allows for personal fulfillment, a safe and challenging work environment, and a sense of community that a sense of community that excavation Company believe leads to a loyal, productive, committed and very close our team.

Culture & Core Values

If we are to remain true to our motto: “Small enough to care. Large enough to serve”, our business planning requires a holistic approach.All parts of this execution, from the preparing, diagnosis, and execution, work together to implement the whole process. What holds VIC Excavator team together is the complementary nature and balance of the individual skills that when put together for a common purpose yield extraordinary product and service.It begins and ends with the climate and culture we have created within our excavation company.The core values we live by everyday are below:

Vic Excavator

Creating Zest & Zeal:Excavation company believe it’s important no matter what professional directive, to experience a spirited enjoyment and a diligent devotion toward life. The economic climate that has created growth opportunities for our organization. More than ever the concept of family has emerged, there is also the idea of what it means to be united with one another. We pay attention to what is fundamental to our happiness and begin to surround ourselves with the same attention. The connections between them come from devotion to activity and activity for life in general. Excavation company encourage this in all of our people – to work smarter, to play harder.

Finding Balance:Excavation company is compiled of several individuals and their skill sets. Each one only has significance. No one is more or less than the other. This idea goes beyond all of our streamlined activities, including the ebbing and flowing of your structure, and extends to global, supply and customer connections.People who come to be a part of our Alward family become a support and are supported by others excavation company.

 Forward Momentum:A key factor of our success is an attitude of continuous search for improvement in order to achieve an exceptional overall performance that permeates the entire company. In this forward march, there are milestones that differentiate mediocrity from excellence when it comes to strategically moving forward as a business.

 Getting Gutsy:It is not enough to prepare or embrace for change. Change is coming no matter what and opportunities come when we least expect them.Excavation company believe in steering change – in creating new paths in the wilderness – in being the catalyst for a new direction down the path less travelled. But at the same time, let’s take steps to show our humility. In the midst of courage and daring humility does not weaken a company. It makes our company more human.Curiosity, innovation and trying new ways to solve problems are core characteristics of Alward. This includes asking for feedback, sharing content, speaking to our people and responding directly to our customers.

 Seek Win-Win:VIC Excavator believe in synergistic partnerships.
The winner takes time and the beginner to win or lose rather than win-or-win, but it ends up being great. They are all happy! Whether personal or professional, neither of you must gain anyone else’s damages. Honesty, integrity, honor, a strong sense of mind and gratitude are virtues that tend to reconcile the mind.
At Excavation company, we hold this high standard and believe that in an accurate, deliberate and creative manner, it creates a synergy and creates what is most important to everyone. Even shaking his hands never worked well with drawn fists.

 Exhibit Calm & Quiet Confidence:Excavation company believe in executing with mental clarity and focus.In combination with self-confidence, our solution helps people to more easily avoid a problem. They all have a unique style that is strong, confident and poise that is scripted around character. Our people and on-site are intrapreneurs (internal profit workers) who are innovative in nature – they are generative and proactive – born facilitators who have the authority to do what you want them to believe. solve problems and find solutions.

Dedication & Lasting Excellence:Excavation company believe in mindfulness, building on a knowledge, and developing the skill set to be able to find great success as being the difference between mediocrity and excellence.VIC excavation company create value and we expect results. Excavation company include our employees in improving decision making and offer clarity about ‘big picture’ priorities so that we all have the same unified sense of purpose.VIC Excavator is not an average company who builds and maintains with mediocre leadership.Our team don’t provide mediocre service to our customers.And we certainly don’t have mediocre employees. The standard of excellence is our life-blood.

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Welcome to VIC Excavator. With over 15 years of experience in Excavator services, we pride ourselves on delivering nothing short of the very best experience for every one of our clients. We constantly strive to deliver two things, fast and efficient Excavator services and an excellent Excavator experience.


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